Writing artist statement photography

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Writing artist statement photography

The rich flavors and inviting aroma will feed your spirit and summon wonderful people to your table. Do this, and you will be proud to share your creative vision -- your authority -- with others. Take five minutes and think about why you do what you do.

How did you get into this work? How do you feel when work is going well? What are your favorite things about your work? Jot down short phrases that capture your thoughts. The more you stir up at this point, the richer the stew.

Make a list of words and phrases that communicate your feelings about your work and your values. Include words you like, words that make you feel good, words that communicate your values or fascinations.

Think of these as potential seasonings for your stew. Answer these questions as simply as you can. Your answers are the meat and potatoes of your stew.

Let them be raw and uncut for now. What is your favorite tool? What is your favorite material?


What do you like best about what you do? What do you mean when you say that a piece has turned out really well? What patterns emerge in your work? Is there a pattern in the way you select materials?

In the way you use color, texture or light? What do you do differently from the way you were taught? What is your favorite color? List three qualities of the color.

Consider that these qualities apply to your work. Look at your word list. Add new words suggested by your answers to the questions above. Choose two key words from your word list. They can be related or entirely different. Look them up in a dictionary. Read all the definitions listed for your words.

writing artist statement photography

Copy the definitions, thinking about what notions they have in common. Look your words up in a Thesaurus. Read the entries related to your words. Are there any new words that should be added to your word list? Write five sentences that tell the truth about your connection to your work.

If you are stuck, start by filling in the blanks below. Keep your sentences authentic and direct.

writing artist statement photography

Use the present tense "I am," not "I was," "I do," not "I did. If you find that you falter, write three paragraphs about an artist whose work you admire.Probably not and neither should the artist when composing and writing their artist statement.

Architecture & Industrial Design

Here are some tips and ideas for all artists to think about when composing a new . Why Writing an Artist Statement Makes Our Photography More Powerful For most photographers, making images of a subject we’re passionate about is the easy part.

It’s selecting the best images and sequencing them that’s challenging. Your one-stop guide to writing success. Frequently Asked Questions about Children's Writing by Anne LeMieux, David Lubar and Marilyn Singer.

An artist statement is a general introduction of your work as an artist. It is the what, how, and why of your work, from your own perspective. It helps you convey the deeper meaning or purpose of your work to the audience. Being the original in her field, artist & photographer, Barbra O'Boyle created & developed this unique style of inspirational prints.

Using images captured & collected since , Barbra traveled throughout the New England states & pulled the alphabet out of still life & architectural features. Writing Categories. Instructions for all Writing Categories. Submissions must be primarily in English.

Use a clear, standard font that is not excessively large or small.

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