Week 6 film and popular cinema

Dating back to"Tollywood" was the earliest Hollywood-inspired namereferring to the Bengali film industry based in Tollygunge in CalcuttaWest Bengalwhose name is reminiscent of "Hollywood" and was the centre of the cinema of India at the time. The name "Tollywood" went on to be used as a nickname for the Bengali film industry by the popular Calcutta-based Junior Statesman youth magazine, establishing a precedent for other film industries to use similar-sounding names, eventually leading to the coining of "Bollywood". The term "Bollywood" itself has origins in the s, when India overtook the United States as the world's largest film producer.

Week 6 film and popular cinema

History[ edit ] The history of cinema in India extends back to the beginning of the film era. The Indian film Industry is the 2nd oldest in the world.

With Stevenson's encouragement and camera Hiralal Senan Indian photographer, made a film of scenes from that show, namely The Flower of Persia Bhatavdekarshowing a wrestling match at the Hanging Gardens in Bombay, was the first film to be shot by an Indian and the first Indian documentary film.

He employed elements from Sanskrit epics to produce his Raja Harishchandraa silent film in Marathi. The female characters in the film were played by male actors. It was a commercial success. The first silent film in TamilKeechaka Vadham was made by R.

Nataraja Mudaliar in Elphinstone merged into Madan Theatres Limited inwhich had brought many of Bengal's most popular literary works to the stage. Raghupathi Venkaiah Naidu was an Indian artist and a film pioneer.

He was the first to build and own cinemas in Madras. He was credited as the father of Telugu cinema. Tickets were affordable to the masses as low as an anna one-sixteenth of a rupee in Bombay with additional comforts available at a higher price. Others brought ideas from across the world. Global audiences and markets soon became aware of India's film industry.

Rangacharia Madras lawyer. Their suggestions were shelved. Reddy released on 31 October He was known as India's Paul Muni. Tollygunge was then the centre of the Indian film industry. Bombay later overtook Tollygunge as the industry's center, spawning "Bollywood" and many other Hollywood-inspired names.

Pullaiah with stage actors Vemuri Gaggaiah and Dasari Ramathilakam.

Week 6 film and popular cinema

Jyoti Prasad went to Berlin to learn more about films. Indramalati is another film he himself produced and directed after Joymoti. The film was directed by Y. Rao and scripted by Balijepalli Lakshmikanta Kavi. The first of its kind was in Madrascalled Edison's Grand Cinemamegaphone.

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This was due to the fact that electric carbons were used for motion picture projectors.CheckPoint: Film and Popular Cinema Resource: Ch. 13 of A World of Art Summarize the distinction between film and popular cinema in to words..

Provide examples of each and explain why they fall into either category. The History of Sex in Cinema: Title Screens: Movie Title/Year and Film/Scene Description: Screenshots: Caged () Director John Cromwell's drama was a grim, black-and-white women-in-prison film.

Brianne Lehane Art/ Film and popular cinema Matthew Adkins There are so many differences between film and popular cinema. When working with film, there are many specific types of shots that could be used.

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The first type are the types of shots that includes full, medium, close-up, extreme close-up, long, flashbacks, pan, traveling, and .  Film and Popular Cinema Jenny Richardson ART/ November 12, Dr. Adolf Mizzell Film and Popular Cinema After reading this week’s assignment and researching different types of film and popular cinema, I have realized some of the differences between the two.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Celebrate Star Trek Day weekend with Cult Classics screenings of one of the USS Enterprise crew’s greatest big screen adventures – a film so epic, it’s guaranteed to make you scream KHAAAAAANN! A popular cinema like 'Grease' is loved by many people because of its great music, period costumes, etc., and this is what makes it 'popular', but it cannot be compared to the classic film-making stature of something like Citizen Kane.

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