The last stand of guacomole

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The last stand of guacomole

The distinction between the reactions is connected with the type of avocado allergy, because there are two types.

According to this websitethe two types of avocado allergy are 1 oral allergy syndrome connected to birch pollen and 2 allergies connected to latex allergy. If you suffer from the first type, the birch-pollen allergy, you can develop local symptoms in the mouth, lips and throat including itching and inflammation.

Symptoms either show up immediately or up to 1 hour after eating fresh avocado or an avocado-containing food. This is oral allergy syndrome and is contained to the mouth, lips and throat without leading to a systemic type reaction, which includes hives, stomach upset and anaphylaxis among other symptoms.

The other type of allergy to avocado, related to a latex allergy is more severe. This is known as the latex fruit allergy and is caused by the similarity of allergens in avocados and natural latex.

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The symptoms are more severe, including generalized urticaria, abdominal pain, vomiting and sometimes life-threatening symptoms like anaphylaxis. Other foods which cause this type of reaction are bananas, melons, mango, chestnuts, and kiwis.

Though neither of these allergies is likely to be outgrown, the oral allergy syndrome usually does not become more severe or develop into the latex fruit allergy.

It is important to be aware of the other foods in this category, because sometimes an allergy to one or more of them will develop. For a complete list, see AllergyClinic. This site also provides other good information on this topic.

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Avoidance is a good choice and some choose to carry an Epipen, especially if it is the latex related allergy that you have.

Be aware of ingredients and cross contamination with an avocado allergy. Remember guacamole is made from avocados. Avocados are becoming more widely used so be aware in restaurants.

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It can also be found in many lotions and soaps. Use the same caution you would with any other allergen.Collect the first three stories in the Hostile Operations Team military romance series!

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The last stand of guacomole

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Guacamole (Spanish: [(ɡ)wakaˈmole] (), see below for more; informally shortened to guac in English-speaking territories since the s) is an avocado-based dip, spread, or salad first developed by the Aztecs in what is now Mexico. In addition to its use in modern Mexican cuisine, it has become part of international and American cuisine as a dip, condiment and salad ingredient.

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