The british dependency in eastern asia

Prior to 1 Januarythe territories were officially referred to as British Crown Colonies. Although the Crown dependencies of JerseyGuernseyand the Isle of Man are also under the sovereignty of the British monarch, they are in a different constitutional relationship with the United Kingdom. Population[ edit ] With the exceptions of the British Antarctic Territory and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands which host only officials and research station staff and the British Indian Ocean Territory used as a military basethe Territories retain permanent civilian populations. Permanent residency for the approximately 7, civilians living in the Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia is limited to citizens of the Republic of Cyprus.

The british dependency in eastern asia

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Aden Protectorate former British dependency that is now part of the Republic of Yemen The protectorate had an area ofsquare miles and comprised 20 Arab tribal states. It was bordered on the south by the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean, on the east by the sultanate of Muscat and Oman, on the north by Saudi Arabiaand on the northwest by Yemen.

The british dependency in eastern asia

History After the occupation of Aden by the British inthe individual states of the southern Arabian Peninsula entered into protective treaties with Great Britain.

This was a gradual process, lasting from untilwhen the last treaty was signed with the Audhali sultan.

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The territory that came under the jurisdiction of the Aden Protectorate eventually extended well east of Aden to Hadhramaut and included all of the territory that would eventually become South Yemen, except for Aden city and its immediate environs which together with several offshore islands was known as the Colony of Aden and was the only part where no Arab ruler retained jurisdiction.

In the commission was withdrawn, and the undemarcated part of the frontier was eventually delineated and described in the Anglo-Turkish Convention of Incontrol of Aden Protectorate was transferred from the Government of India, which had inherited the British East India Company 's interests in various princely states on the strategically important naval route from Europe to Indiato the British Foreign Office.

For administrative purposes, the protectorate was informally divided into the Eastern Protectorate Hadhramautwith headquarters at Mukalla in Qu'aiti, and the Western Protectorate, with headquarters at Lahej.

States Within the Western Protectorate: According to the treaty, the de facto frontier at the time of signature, which followed generally that of the Anglo-Turkish Convention, was accepted pending the setting up of a boundary commission, provided for in the treaty.

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Disorders broke out on the border between Aden Protectorate and Yemen in December and continued into A Yemeni tribesman watches a British "Venom" fighter from his position within the Aden Protectorate during the Aden-Yemen border hostilities.

In the next three years they were joined by nine others and, on January 18,Aden Colony was merged with the federation creating the Federation of South Arabia.

At the same time, those states which had not joined the federation became the Protectorate of South Arabia, thus ending the existence of the Aden Protectorate.Eastern Asia Second largest Asian country (after the Asian part of Russia). Total of separate UN figures for Mainland China (9,, km²) inclusive Hong Kong SAR (1, km²) and Macao (29 km²).

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STUDY. The archipelago to the north of Cuba that was formerly a British dependency is called the: Bahamas. Guadeloupe is a dependency of: What types of minerals, used in high-tech and "green" energy applications, are found in great abundance in East Asia.

The British Overseas Territories (BOTs) most of the British colonies in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean gained independence. The Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia in Cyprus – maintained as strategic British military bases in the eastern Mediterranean caninariojana.comt settlements: George Town, Gibraltar, Road Town.

The british dependency in eastern asia

Hong Kong is bordered on the north by Guangdong Province and on the east, west, and south by the South China Sea. Hong Kong was a British dependency from the s until July 1, , when it passed to Chinese sovereignty as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR).

The island of Cyprus in Western Asia is proximate to Anatolia (or Asia Minor), but often considered part of Europe and is a current member of the European Union (EU).

Armenia is also entirely in Western Asia but is a member of certain European organisations. As with Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia’s human development levels will be affected by an aging population and a declining birth rate, particularly in Thailand by and Singapore by

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