Sho gun vs bamboo

The ad claims that you can use the Shogun Steamer to steam veggies, make pasta and meatballs, soups, shellfish and more.

Sho gun vs bamboo

Plot[ edit ] Feudal Japan in is in a precarious peace. The heir to the Taiko Regent is too young to rule, and the most powerful five overlords of the land hold power as a Council of Regents.

Portugal, with its vast sea power, and the Catholic Church mainly through the Order of the Jesuitshave gained a foothold in Japan and seek to extend their power. But Japanese society is insular and xenophobic. Guns and Europe's modern military capabilities are still a novelty and despised as a threat to Japan's traditional Samurai warrior culture.

England and Holland seek to disrupt Portuguese and Catholic relations with Japan and establish ties of their own through trade and military alliances. Erasmus is blown ashore on the Japanese coast at the village of Anjiro during a storm. Yabu puts Blackthorne and his Sho gun vs bamboo on trial as pirates, using a Jesuit priest to interpret for Blackthorne.

Sho gun vs bamboo

The Japanese, who know only the Catholic version of Christianity, are shocked by the gesture. Yabu sentences Blackthorne and his crew to death. However, Omi, who is quickly proving himself as a clever adviser, convinces Yabu to spare them to learn more about European ways.

Omi throws the Erasmus crew into a pit to "tame" them, and tells them Lord Yabu has ordered that they pick one amongst them other than Blackthorne to die, so that the others may live.

Blackthorne leads his crew in a futile resistance, but they are easily cowed by Omi. One of them is taken and is boiled alive, to satisfy Lord Yabu, who cruelly enjoys such spectacles. To save his crew, Blackthorne agrees to submit to Japanese authority. He is placed in a household, with his crew held in the pit as hostages to ensure his submission.

On Omi's advice, Yabu also plans to confiscate the guns and money recovered from Erasmus, but word reaches Lord Toranaga, the powerful president of the Council of Regents.

Toranaga sends his commander in chief, "Iron Fist" General Hiro-matsu, to take Erasmus and the crew as an advantage point against Toranaga's main rival on the council, Ishido.

Blackthorne is given the name Anjin Japanese for navigator or pilot because the Japanese can't pronounce his name. Blackthorne insists on being addressed respectfully, as Omi is, and is therefore known as Anjin-san "Honorable Pilot". Hiro-matsu confiscates Erasmus and takes Blackthorne and Yabu back to Osaka, where the meeting of the Council is taking place at Osaka castle, which is Ishido's stronghold.

They travel by one of Toranaga's galleys, piloted by the Portuguese pilot Rodrigues. Blackthorne and Rodrigues find themselves in a grudging friendship, despite being required to stay at arm's length due to their national and religious enmity.

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Rodrigues tries to kill Blackthorne during a storm by sending him forward just as a wave breaks over the deck, but is himself swept overboard by the next wave.

Blackthorne not only saves Rodrigues but safely navigates the ship to Osaka with all aboard. At Osaka, Blackthorne is interviewed by Toranaga through the translation of the Jesuit priest Martin Alvito, who is more sophisticated and higher up in the Jesuit hierarchy, and therefore realises the dangerous threat that Blackthorne presents.

Blackthorne demands that Alvito tell Toranaga that the priest is his enemy.

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He reveals to a surprised Toranaga that the Christian faith is divided and that other European countries intend to sail the Asian waters now that the Spanish Armada against England has been defeated.

The stunned Alvito is honour-bound to translate as Blackthorne, the sworn enemy of his country and religion, tells Toranaga his full story. The interview ends abruptly when Ishido enters, curious about the barbarian Blackthorne.Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content and share it all with friends, family and the world on YouTube.

What is Shogun Steamer. It is a cheaply-made (possibly in CHINA) plastic microwave steamer that claims to be BPA-free. The ad claims that you can use the Shogun Steamer to steam veggies, make pasta and meatballs, soups, shellfish and more. mexicans arent real people. mexicans are irrelevant in life hahahahahahahahaha aye vato we invented birth control and never used it oedulayeeeeee hoemee.

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