Online handwriting analysis guide

Four fun and easy steps to your free report: Find or produce a suitable handwriting sample.

Online handwriting analysis guide

Basic Measuring Tools The first point to consider is a good set of simple measuring tools. These are used for the simple measurements of key elements of the text to determine important differences and discrepancies.

A difference in the height of a particular letter, the width between them and word spacing could make all the difference. Some of these tools will include metric rulers, calipers, and various glass alignment plates.

Another tool that will be of great use for many handwriting experts is a measurement reticle. This magnifying eyepiece has an engraved measurement scale for greater precision when comparing documents. Of course, this is not the only magnifying tool that forensic analysts need. Magnifiers And Microscopes Forensic document examiners will use a variety of microscopic equipment over many different cases to find tiny details.

These start with simple hand-held magnifiers, which can enlarge the script from between 2 and ten times. A more careful analysis may require a stronger, stable microscope.

Binocular microscopes allow the user to see through two eyepieces for a more comfortable experience and greater focus. The more expensive and more capable the microscope, the better the features.

Some offer a small magnification of 10X while others go as high as 50X. Go too high and the field of vision becomes far too narrow. Some have the ability to record footage for better record keeping for cases. Light Sources A lot of the work needed for handwriting forensics cannot be carried out with the naked eye or even a straightforward microscope.

There are plenty of altered documents with clues that are seemingly invisible, such as erased areas and indentations. Analysts can use transmitted light, ultraviolet light, and infra-red light to uncover different issues.

The transmits light is given by a light box with a treat fluorescent light bulb. UV and IR light sources provide simple changes in the light spectrum that reveal different marks and colors. Photographic Equipment Photographic equipment can be used in some ways to take advantage of the tools on offer.

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As we can see above. Still, cameras and video cameras add another element to microscopic equipment to provide a record of what is seen. Photographic equipment can also be used to working with the different lighting tools above. A camera with an IR or UV filter can clearly see the issues highlighted under the conditions and record them.

This is all crucial for creating a solid record of evidence for a case. Clients dealing with criminal acts of forgery or altered documents need more than a verbal opinion if they are going to court.

Photographs provide this physical evidence. The best-equipped labs will have a high-quality digital camera with all the right filters, lenses and extension tubes. Computer Equipment Computers have come into play in handwriting assessment more and more in recent years.

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online handwriting analysis guide
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