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Maastricht university library master thesis abstract

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Foreign direct investment FDI can play a significant role in the industrialisation process of a host economy. This study examined whether presence of MNCs stimulates spillover occurrence to indigenous firms in the Kenyan manufacturing industry. Mechanisms and conditions necessary for spillover occurrence were also examined as well as spillovers' influence on innovation.

Results based on traditional neo-classical approach remained largely inconclusive about spillover occurrence.

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Hence, a new framework was developed reconceptualising spillovers in terms of learning and capability building. On the basis of this framework, the research showed an average spillover occurrence based on food processing and machine engineering; the two industries studied.

Products and process spillovers occurred most while competition and demonstration effects were the main mechanisms of spillover occurrence.

maastricht university library master thesis abstract

Spillovers had a positive influence on innovation. These findings showed that FDI plays an important role in Kenya's industrial development. More information For general enquiries, please email:maastricht university thesis cover page.

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Master’s Thesis 4. my education at the Naval Postgraduate School, as in every stage of my life. xii THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK. 1 I. INTRODUCTION A. MAJOR RESEARCH QUESTION Treaty on European Union signed at Maastricht5 was a major turning point for the.


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This paper investigates the potential effect of key audit matters (KAM) in the auditor’s report as required by the new International Standard on Auditing (ISA) Finding the research you need.

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A Master’s thesis was often mentioned as a final programme component. The assessment methods used were described in ten of the studies. PhD is the dean of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences at Maastricht University. He is also professor of quality improvement in medical education and consultant in many international. Claes (Maastricht University) and James Melton (University College London) for reviewing and evaluating my thesis, providing valuable comments for improving my research work. Included is the full text of (a selection of) master theses from the following Maastricht University faculties: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (master theses, from to , from onward).

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