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HNDs are vocational qualifications that use practical approaches to learning — including project and assignment work, team and group work, and research into real business practice. HNDs are specially designed to meet the needs of employers both locally and nationally. They are developed by the Scottish Qualifications Authority SQA in partnership with colleges, universities and industry. Because employers and universities recognise Higher National Qualifications as good evidence of your ability, having an HND will help you progress into an overseas university or get a job.

Hnd gu2

There could be a long philosophical debate on this point e. The skills represented by the assessment objectives given above have developed from the needs of the discipline of Geography.

But it would be hard to claim that they were specific to the subject. The aims of the London B syllabus noted above make it clear that the skills are intended Hnd gu2 be transferable. The 'key' skills defined by the QCA and assessed by means of separate qualifications, or as part of a GNVQ, are certainly phrased differently see Section 4.

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In addition their specifications do not match those of the Geography A levels on every count - for example oral communication is not currently part of the assessment of every A level although Hnd gu2 the Cambridge linear syllabus candidates have a viva on their Investigative Study - but written communication is assessed very thoroughly.

Where it appears that Geography A level also has much to offer is in the key skills which are still evading simple definition such as "Problem Solving", and a group of skills relating to "Research" or "Enquiry" which are not recognised in the QCA definitions.

Assessments for these complex skills are notoriously difficult to devise see Murphy et al. The amount of skills competence shown by candidates is difficult to assess quantitatively and the London syllabus acknowledges that these 'decision making skills' are difficult to fit into standard assessment grids.

Candidates have to call on map and photo interpretation, on an understanding of writing for different audiences and in different contexts, on data interpretation and analysis, and on an application of their knowledge and understanding of physical and human systems which comprise the context of the problem.

Overall they are asked to use problem-solving skills. Their report has to show abilities of synthesis, and to be well structured and well written. This probably means that over half of all A level candidates were tested in this skill or set of skills.

Scrutiny of the syllabuses for Geography A levels in therefore suggests that several key skills are essential to performance, and that marks are specifically awarded for some. The level of success in two types of assessment is likely to be closely related to key skill abilities: These would provide information on research skills and problem-solving abilities.

Therefore, simply asking new undergraduates for this information would be very valuable. Cambridge Modular A level - Mark Scheme Levels of Response Level 1 A limited quantity and quality of data using reasonably thorough methods of collection although over a narrow range with little evidence of sampling or of the limitations of the data collected.

Analysis is also likely to be limited and may not always be most appropriate, and recognition of trends, and ability to interrelate data sets will be only partial. The whole organisation, while being generally accurate in spelling, punctuation and grammar, may be difficult to follow and may lack attention to cross-referencing or planning.

Level 2 Some initiative in devising data collection which displays relevance and method. Although lacking in rigour, techniques of collection and analysis are appropriate and there is likely to be some appreciation of the limitations of the data and methods used.

There is also likely to be some justification of methods used and trends and patterns are likely to be identified.

Hnd gu2

The enquiry will be generally well organised and set out in clearly expressed English with the integration of data and text as well as clear evidence of successful planning. Level 3 Initiative in devising a successful data collection programme where the data are strictly relevant to the study with accurate measurement and appropriate sampling as well as an appreciation of the limitations of the data in the context of the study.

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Analysis will be entirely appropriate and well executed with clear justification in which trends and patterns are recognised and explained. There may be references to models and theories in the analysis of data and the whole enquiry will be clearly, coherently and logically set out in an orderly sequence with illustrative material and data well integrated demonstrating a clear appreciation of the importance of planning.

Candidates are issued with a wide range of resources 14 days before the exam. Duplicate resources are available to them in the exam. The report is to be structured into several specified parts and the mark allocation for each part is given.

For example part 1 of the sample is headed 'the main points of conflict' and is allocated 10 marks. A top answer would give 'a structured, comprehensive response, well documented with evidence'; a poor answer would show 'a limited view of the conflict, some misinterpretation of evidence'.

Part 2 requires a critical assessment of the flood risk of the chosen site. A top answer would give 'a comprehensive sound analysis of the flood risks Nevertheless, these reports are informative, in a way which syllabuses need not be, about the actual expectations of the examiners.

Amongst these expectations it is possible to pick out references to key skills of A level candidates, in addition to commentary on knowledge and understanding. This includes assessments designed to test mainly knowledge and understanding e.

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It is also clear that skills of exemplification and appropriate use of illustrative material are required for a good grade. These abilities are part of communication skills, but are also a vehicle for demonstrating knowledge and understanding.

Within grading schemes marks for these abilities are more likely to come from those allocated to knowledge and understanding than from the skills allocation. Several Boards commented that essay-writing was improving. In the Personal Enquiries communication skills were also required, but these included other elements e.

In many cases candidates needed to consider further whether they were using the correct diagrams and statistical tests for their data, while nearly all enquiries would have benefited from more careful use of English.Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world.

Hnd gu2

Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a Photographer. Marketing HND Essay Marketing: An Introduction Britvic’s Case Assessment 1.

Marketing concept states that success is achieved by indentifying needs and wants of the target market by satisfying them batter than rivals and competitors. HND GU2 Project Marking Scheme New - Download as Excel Spreadsheet .xls), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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