Essay on wildlife sanctuaries

Two Major Elephant Sanctuaries in the U. The Elephant Sanctuary exists 1 to provide a haven for old, sick, or needy elephants in a setting of green pastures, old-growth forests, spring-fed ponds, and beautiful, state-of-the-art, heated barns for cold winter nights, and 2 to provide education about the crisis facing these social, sensitive, passionately intense, playful, complex, exceedingly intelligent, and endangered creatures. At the sanctuary the elephants live natural lives largely of their own choosing in idyllic surroundings.

Essay on wildlife sanctuaries

Use an editor to spell check essay. The wildlife reserves in India may broadly be classified in two types: Wildlife sanctuaries have the special purpose of preserving animals and birds. National parks protect the entire ecosystem.

A special category of animal sanctuaries in India is the tiger reserve, a consequence of the Project Tiger. One of these is the Sundarbans, a unique swamp forest that is the last remaining bastion of the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Is a relatively large area of one or more eco-systems that have not materially altered by human exploitation and occupation. Here plants, animals geomorphological sites and habitats for special scientific education and recreation are preserved.

Its boundaries are fixed by legislation. It is similar to a national park but is dedicated to protect wildlife and conserve species. Its boundaries are not sacrosanct. Both national Parks and wild life sanctuaries together constitute Network of protected areas has been established extending over 1,61,22, Sq.

Of these parks, 26 may be considered major wildlife parks or wildlife systems in urban areas e. Guindy in Madras and Bannirgatta in Bangalore. In all 39 tiger reserves and 20 elephant reserves have been designated for species specific management of tiger and elephant habitats.

Essay on wildlife sanctuaries

Among the reserves, several are of special significance. The Asiatic lion, one of the rarest and most important wild animals in India, where alone it survives, is found in only two parts of the country: But the species is much sought after by poachers who covet its horn, much in demand in East Asia for aphrodisiac preparations.

The wildlife reserves are fairly widely dispersed, providing for the needs of animal lovers in all parts of the country and providing protection to a very varied animal population. It is also clear that some states, Kerala for example, are better endowed with wildlife than others, but, generally speaking, the north is richer in animals than the south.

The proportion of area under forest in India is largest in the north-eastern states Manipur, Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagalandwhere more than half the total geographical area is forested.

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But the states here are so small that their protected forest areas compare poorly with areas allocated for national parks and sanctuaries elsewhere.Role of wildlife sanctuaries in conserving wildlife A sanctuary is where animals that had been injured can rest. Most of them are released after treatment but sometimes they stay there (in case the injuries are too extensive for the animals to get back into the wilds) Sanctuaries play they part in preserving the species as well, given that many animals /5(72).

Essay on wildlife sanctuaries

words essay on Wildlife Conservation in India Wildlife Sanctuaries are places where the killing and capturing of any animal is prohibited except under order of the authorities concerned.

National parks are set up for preserving flora, fauna, landscapes and historic objects of an area. Essay on Wildlife Conservation! Like forests, wildlife is also a national resource, which not only helps in maintaining the ecological balance but is also beneficial from economic, recreational and aesthetic points of view.

has several provisions for the conservation of wildlife. As many as game sanctuaries and 21 national parks. Manas National Park or Manas Wildlife Sanctuary (Pron:ˈmʌnəs) (Assamese: মানস ৰাষ্ট্ৰীয় উদ্যান, Manôx Rastriyô Udyan) is a national park, UNESCO Natural World Heritage site, a Project Tiger reserve, an elephant reserve and a biosphere reserve in Assam, caninariojana.comd in the Himalayan foothills, it is contiguous with the Royal Manas National Park in.

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These questions serve TWO purposes: One to test your revision skills; Second is to give you a glimpse into topics that you might have missed during revision. Included: india essay content. Preview text: The wildlife reserves in India may broadly be classified in two types: national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

Wildlife sanctuaries have the special purpose of preserving animals and birds. National parks protect the entire ecosystem. A special c.

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