Elephant wrapping paper

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Elephant wrapping paper


Thanks to the wonderful creation of paper many descriptions of Elephant wrapping paper world have been stored so that we may share and learn from them.

Paper has been used for many purposes, not just literature, but for war plans, the creation of the dollar bill, and of course, to give the ability to people at home of producing their own writing in physical form for hundreds of years.

We have prepared the following history of paper, along with a description of how paper is made, what it is used for and some words that are useful to know when talking about paper.

We hope that this is an informative, useful and enjoyable document which inspires you, in the same way that we have been, about paper.

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The Origins of Paper Egypt 3, BC When we think of the origins of paper, our minds might wander back over years ago to the Nile river valley in Egypt. It was there that a marsh grass called Cyperous Papyrus flourished.

These strips were then layered in right angles to form a kind of mat. The mat was then pounded into a thin sheet and left in the sun to dry. The resulting sheets were ideal for writing on.

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Since they were also lightweight and portable they became the writing medium of choice of Egyptians, Greeks and Romans for record keeping, spiritual texts and works of art.

It is from papyrus that the word paper comes from. Although papyrus sheets were similar to paper in terms of function, being laminated sheets they were technically more like a mat and therefore not the same as the papers of today.

Similar processes were developed in other lands - in Central America during the 2nd Century AD the Mayans fashioned a similar product for bookmaking.

The Origins of Paper

In the Pacific Islands, a paper was made by beating a fine bark over specially shaped logs to make clothes and ritual objects. However, none of these sheets would qualify as true paper today.

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The individual fibres were mixed with water in a large vat. Next, a screen was submerged in the vat and lifted up through the water,catching the fibers on its surface.

Elephant wrapping paper

When dried, this thin layer of intertwined fiber became what today we call paper. It was introduced in Korea in the 4th century and spread to Japan in 6th. There, during the 8th century, the Empress Shotuka undertook a massive project consisting of printing a million prayers - dharani - on individual sheets of paper, with each mounted in its own pagoda.

With such a profound inception, it is not surprising that the fine art of papermaking has continued in Japan to this day, garnering deep appreciation and ever increasing sophistication.

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During a battle on the banks of the Tarus river, Islamic warriors captured a Chinese caravan which happened to include several papermakers. They spirited them away to Samarkand, which soon became a great centre for paper production. Gradually papermakers made their way further west through the Muslim world - to Baghdad, Damascus and Cairo.

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Elephant wrapping paper

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