Business assignments

This is a web-based free simulation. Students play the role of the founder of a new start-up company in the exciting and competitive clean tech sector. Each quarter students must set prices, decide how many engineers and sales people to hire, and set compensation, including salary, stock, options and profit sharing. Students must also make financial decisions such as debt level, equity level and overall cash management.

Business assignments

Marketing and Entrepreneurship 1 McGrath, R. What were key elements product, pricing, and Distribution of Microsoft's strategy? What could Netscape do before Microsoft's market entry? Think about network externality and standards.

Please read all assigned readings and think about the following questions: Do entrepreneurial firms need a marketing research? Given resource constraints, what kind of marketing research do entrepreneurial firms need?

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What are useful research methods e. AHBS Case, Read the assigned case and think about the following questions: What are Wildfire's key resources?

Does Wildfire have enough resources to pursue three applications Personal, Corporate, and Network Wildfire simultaneously? To pick up the best line-of-business, what kind of information may Wildfire need?

How can they gather the information? Does Wildfire need a strategic partner? What are the benefits from a partnership? Who is the ideal partner for them? Read the assigned case and think about: Why did Digitron need demand forecasting? How would you assess Digitron's approach to the forecasting task?

Do you consider their aggregate forecasting model to be adequate to the forecasting task? What are the strongest and weakest elements of their approach?Open Assignments In the list below you see our open assignments.

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Business assignments

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Business Assignment Help Online lays stress on the whole business planning & development, and it makes use of certain measures & techniques, research & analysis of different strategies, which are helpful for sketching out the vital components of sales & marketing.

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Mr. Howard's Classes‎ > ‎Courses‎ > ‎BTT1O-Introduction to Computers in Business, Grade 9‎ > ‎ Assignments for BTT10 Find attached e-copies of the major assignments for the course.

In parallel with the individual assignments, participants work in small groups of 5–8 to develop an original piece of research that draws upon the group’s collective experience on a .

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