Best decision ever made

I wanted to take a moment here to talk about my experience at Origins Recovery.

Best decision ever made

That is something I learned right at the beginning of my career, as manager of Universidad de Chile. I had spent 14 years playing for that club — almost matches defending the shirt.

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So it was a very special moment for me to make my debut as a manager there. It was also a risk. The club was in very bad shape financially and had many problems. In the middle of the season, I made a mistake. I went to England for one month to do a coaching course, leaving the team with my assistant in charge.

In the end, we went down. Relegated not even by a point, but by one goal. I was starting my career with heavy baggage. It would be quite a challenge to prove that I could still have a big, international career.

To tell you the truth, for most of my playing days I had thought that when I finished as a player, I would commit my life per cent to construction.

I was already an engineer while I was still playing and had set up my own construction company, so it seemed destined that was my path. I met Fernando Riera. He was my manager at Universidad de Chile and a coach who was very well known internationally — the man who took the Chilean national team to third place at the World Cup.

Bit by bit, over the five years he managed me as a player, he stirred that vocation in me so that, in the end, I decided to do the coaching courses. They thought it was a waste of time to quit an important career as an engineer to commit to football.

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The best decision I ever took in life was to work doing what I liked. I liked football more than engineering. It was a decision that had a lot of risks, no doubt about it. But I was not afraid to take them. For a time I did both — working as a manager and keeping my engineering career going — but in I realised that I had to commit exclusively to football.

That it was impossible to be successful unless I was only a manager. After leaving my first job init was another 10 years before I left Chile to work in Ecuador. I felt it would be a really useful experience if I wanted to work internationally.

But leaving Chile was a very difficult decision to make. So I went to Ecuador alone. On one hand, it helped me to dedicate a lot of time to football. On the other, it was a big sacrifice for our family. Living alone is like a test you have to undergo if you want to work in different countries.

After a defeat, you come home to an empty apartment. Just to do it all again the next day. Even the work I had done in Chile was only what I would qualify as average. But this challenge in Ecuador, where we were able to win the league with the team from Quito, is what really started my career, I believe.The best financial decision I ever made was to live frugally.

My family never had much money, so it was natural to become a very frugal spender in adulthood. Remaining frugal has allowed me to max out my K (where the tax laws allow me to), contribute to an IRA, buy rental property, and save 40% of my after tax income.

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Best Decision I Ever Made! Yeah, no pressure there.

The Best Decision I Ever Made Throughout life there are many decisions that have to be made. Some decisions are very important and the others are not so significant, like whether or not you want cheese on your sandwich.

We make decisions every day.

Best decision ever made

The Best Decision I Ever Made Throughout life there are many decisions that have to be made. Some decisions are very important and the others are not so significant, like whether or not you want cheese on your sandwich. We make decisions every day. Why Getting An Abortion Was The Best Decision of My Life.

It was summer break, and my husband and I were going to Hawaii for the holiday. Because, put simply, getting an abortion turned out to be the best decision I ever made. Categories: Uncategorized.

Best decision ever made

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