A description of the book the joy luck club

Our heritage has a lot of difficult stuff in it -- a lot of misogyny, a lot of fear and rage and death. It showed me a past that reached beyond borders and languages and cultures to bring together these disparate elements of who we are. I hadn't seen our history like that before. At that time, we hadn't seen a lot of Asian-American representations anywhere, so it was a big deal that it even existed.

A description of the book the joy luck club

The four stories in each section explore the relationship between the mothers and the daughters at the same stage. One series of stories focuses on Suyuan Woo, who comes to America inhaving lost her family, including twin daughters, during war. She does not know her daughters were rescued.

Now remarried, she settles in San Francisco, has a daughter, Jing-mei Juneand starts a Joy Luck Club similar to one in China with three other women. The four form strong friendships. As she grows up, Jing-mei and her mother struggle to understand one another.

They never completely resolve their differences, and Suyuan dies unexpectedly. They give her a check so she can visit them. As the novel ends, she meets her sisters in Shanghai. A second set of stories focuses on An-mei, who lives with her grandmother because her mother has been disowned.

When An-mei is nine, her grandmother dies; and An-mei leaves with her mother to live in the home of a wealthy man and his other wives. An-mei learns how her mother was forced into a dishonorable second marriage and why she has no control over her own life.

As an adult An-mei comes to San Francisco.

A description of the book the joy luck club

She and her husband have seven children, including Rose. Rose marries Ted, a dermatologist, who has an affair and divorces her. Rose is overwhelmed but recovers.

The third series of stories focuses on Lindo. She marries Tyan-yu, but he never sleeps with her. Unable to tell her domineering mother-in-law the truth, she devises a clever plan and is released from her marriage honorably. She comes to San Francisco and marries Tin Jong.

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They have three children—Winston, Vincent, and Waverly. Waverly is a child chess prodigy. She and her mother maneuver through their differences throughout her childhood and into adulthood.

The fourth series of stories focuses on Ying-ying. Born into a wealthy family, she is a spirited child who nearly drowns when she is four.

She grows into a haughty young woman and marries a crude man who abandons her after she becomes pregnant. Ten years later she marries Clifford St. They come to San Francisco and have one daughter, Lena. Their second child is stillborn, and Ying-ying is depressed for months afterward.

Her depression affects Lena. As an adult Lena marries Harold Livotny, who takes advantage of her. Ying-ying feels responsible for raising so powerless a daughter. She wants to encourage Lena to speak up for herself.

Estimated Reading Time The novel consists of 16 short stories, each requiring 25 to 40 minutes to read, and four vignettes requiring five minutes each to read. The entire novel can be completed in about 10 to 11 hours.

She was later forced to marry a wealthy man who had raped her. Since Chinese custom prohibited widows from remarrying, both Jing-mei and Daisy were shunned. Jing-mei eventually committed suicide by eating food with raw opium in it.

Daisy later married a man who abused her. She divorced him and came to America, but he forced her to leave their three daughters behind.THE JOY LUCK CLUB: FREE STUDY GUIDE / BOOK SUMMARY LITERARY ELEMENTS SETTING.

Even though The Joy Luck Club takes place primarily in San Francisco in the United States, much of the novel occurs in flashbacks, set in China. The serene beauty of this Eastern country, marred by the violence of war, is evoked in the tale of Suyuan and her daughters.

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The Joy Luck Club, for which the book is named, is located in modern day San Francisco, where four Chinese mothers have made lives for themselves after leaving their native countries years earlier.

A miniature of the old country has been recreated in San Francisco’s Chinatown, where most of the immigrants live in the city. The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan's first novel, sold an astonishing , hard-cover copies upon its publication.

The success of Tan's book increased publishers' willingness to gamble on first books by Asian-American writers. The Joy Luck Club contains sixteen interwoven stories about conflicts between Chinese immigrant mothers and their American-raised daughters.

The book hinges on Jing-mei’s trip to China to meet her half-sisters, twins Chwun Yu and Chwun Hwa. The half-sisters remained behind in China because Jing. The Joy Luck Club, one of production produced by TheatreWorks in Silicon Valley, California Disambiguation page providing links to articles with similar titles This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title The Joy Luck Club.

The Joy Luck Club study guide contains a biography of Amy Tan, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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